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The Game

Aryan is an indie action game developed by a group of students just over a month. The game has been created to learn how to use CPCtelera.

The primary mission of the game is to defeat enemies found on the different maps that the player will have to face throughout the game.

The mechanics we can find in the enemies are based on a mix of long and short-distance attacks. There are different types of NPCs, each with its own fighting style.

The difficulty curve has been designed for the player to find a way to learn how to play the game in a basic way. However, the last level will be quite a challenge.

The design of the fighting style of the enemies is associated with their characteristics. Apart from enemies, the player has to deal with another type of problem, and that is that turrets have been placed inside the dungeons that will shoot at everything that moves.

The main character has been designed for a close-range fight, so the player must choose which strategy he wants to follow to pass each level.


To play you must use the arrows to move in 2D directions 

However, you can also use a joystick if you have one.

To attack you must use the space bar and the attack will appear in the last direction you moved.


Maria Cruz Miranda

Juan Jose Richarte Valera

Jose Parrón Serna

Used technologies


--> RetrovirtualMachine



-->Arkos Tracker

--> Github

--> Tiled


User manual 536 kB
How it was made 450 kB
Cassette File 25 kB
Diskette File 199 kB
Snapshot File 64 kB
Source code 30 kB

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